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Transformers are not only the heroes of the film, but also children's toys, which are simply adored by boys of different ages. Children are fascinated by the fact that this is not just one toy, but two at once, or even more.

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Kids' toys offer more than simply entertainment and activities. The majority of toys provide kids at least some learning opportunities. The finest toys stimulate a child's senses, ignite their imaginations, and promote social interaction. They are presented on the market in a huge assortment, so parents should determine which toys will benefit the child at a certain age.

When choosing toys, it is important to consider not only the age and preferences of the child, but also the quality of the product. Children's toys must be, firstly, safe, without sharp edges, with reliable fasteners and always without defects. Secondly, they must be made from environmentally friendly materials. And thirdly, to have a quality certificate. This is what ensures that in case of inappropriate parameters, the parent can contact the manufacturer directly.

Toy play is essential for the development of a child's social skills. Toys like dolls encourage kids to role play and replicate real life circumstances. By this practice, kids learn how to interact with other children. Toys help to unite adults and children with a common experience of joy during leisure and relaxation hours. Mechanical, electrical and electronic devices are widely used in modern toys.

Every component of our toys is checked to ensure that it complies with all safety rules. Design review, material quality, final product testing, hardness testing, chemical, fire resistance testing, and usage testing are all part of our testing methods. All testing are performed with the primary purpose of providing a high-quality product to your children.

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Toys are the basis of child development. This is the main attribute that helps children develop comprehensively. Therefore, they must be age-appropriate, of high quality, safe and, of course, the child will like them. Without the interest of the baby, even the coolest and most expensive toy will not fulfill its task.

You can use our size guides as a general reference to determine your size. Each design will have a distinct set of measurements because our shapes range from slim-fitting to large. You can always get in touch with our support team if you have queries about the measurements of a certain model to ensure a great fit. We can assist you if you include your breast, waist, high hip, and low hip measurements with your comment.

Mens Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
Neck 14-14.5 15-15.5 16-16.5 17-17.5 18-18.5
Chest 35-37 38-40 41-43 44-46 47-49
Sleeve 32-33 33-34 34-35 35-36 36-36.5
Waist 29-31 32-34 35-37 38-40 41-43
Neck 14-14.5 15-15.5 16-16.5 17-17.5 18-18.5

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